December 17, 2017

2010 Winter Vegetable Garden – Week #5

2010 Winter Vegetable Garden Blog - Week #5 Pictures

Planting Bed

 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

It’s been freezing here in Southern California, so that’s a good thing for the winter vegetables.  Most of these plants had been growing for about three or four weeks before I started documenting their growth, so there probably about 8 weeks old.

All the plants are developing nice foliage and the broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts have nice strong stalks developing.  The cabbage are also taking on their form as the leaves are growing in a tighter formation.

Napa Cabbage - Winter Vegetable Garden - Week #5

Napa Cabbage - Week #5

Savoy Cabbage - Winter Vegetable Garden Blog - Week #5

Savoy Cabbage - Week #5

Brussel Sprouts - 2010 Winter Vegetable Blog - Week #5

Brussel Sprouts - Week #5

Cauliflower - 2010 Winter Vegetable Garden Blog - Week #5

Cauliflower - Week #5

Broccoli - Winter Vegetable Garden - Week #5

Broccoli - Week #5

The arugula is starting to sprout and the swiss chard, kale, and raddiccio that are growing from seed still haven’t sprouted yet.  We’re also in the process of clearing the last of the tomato plants because we still have a few left from the summer that still have fruit.  After that we’ll have more room to start growing a few more winter vegetables.

If you have any suggestions about what other winter vegetables I should give a shot at growing, please let me and the rest our readers know in the comment section.

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